8 Super Foods to Beat the Heat in the Summer

Summer is hot, and in some places around the United States it is downright unbearable.

The heat and humidity can make our bodies feel sluggish and tired, even if we did get a good nights sleep.

It is important to remember that during hot months, what you eat can make a huge impact on how you feel. It is best to eat foods that hydrate you and keep you energized.

Here are 8 super foods to add into your summer meal preparation. Trust us, they’ll help beat the heat.


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The season for peaches starts in July and goes into September, so they are easily accessible during hot summer months.

Peaches are a great source for vitamin b6, niacin, folate, and vitamin C. They are also rich in fiber, which can help with colon and digestion health. Peaches don’t stop there though. They are even high in potassium, which can help prevent bone loss and kidney stones, and maintain a healthy blood pressure.


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Eating avocados is like giving your body a superpower. Avocados have the following nutrients in a single serving from the recommended daily amount: 26% vitamin K, 20% folate, 17% vitamin C, 14% potassium and vitamin B5, 13% vitamin B6, and 10% vitamin E.


That’s more potassium than bananas, and they are also loaded with fiber, beta-carotene, and lutein. Studies show that adding avocados to your diet can reduce total cholesterol, lower LDL cholesterol, and increase HDL cholesterol (this is the “good” cholesterol).


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Grapes are a simple and easy snack in the summer time. They requiring almost no preparation, besides rinsing them off, and have a refreshing taste.

Grapes contain powerful antioxidants,  including polyphenol, which helps slow or prevent multiple types of cancer. They also are rich in fiber and potassium. High potassium intake has been associated with a reduced risk of stroke and preservation of bone mineral density.

Grapes can also help with other “annoying” bodily functions such as allergies, irregular bowel movements, and even acne.

Want a healthy alternative to sugary popsicles in the summer? Try popping them in the freezer for a few hours, then take them out and enjoy!


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I know, I know. When you hear the food “beets” your first reaction may not be, “oh yum!,” but they are definitely worth a try.

Think of beets as a goldmine of health-boosting nutrients.

Their nutritional content includes the crucial ones such as; vitamin C, magnesium, iron, fiber, and more. Not to mention they are very low in calories and have no cholesterol. They also are a good source of folate, which can help prevent birth defects, osteoporosis, and colon cancer.

Don’t like the taste? Beets can be “secretly” added to many things you already eat, like refreshing salads and smoothies, so you can get your benefits without even tasting it. The best part? Beets’ growing season is six months long, June to November, so you can keep adding them to your kitchen long after summer.


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Pineapples are sweet and tart, giving them a unique and distinct taste. Not only do they taste good, but that have miraculous health benefits.

Pineapples contain the enzyme bromelain. It is known for its abilities to improve digestion and help fight blood clots from forming. They also can boost eye health and improve oral health.

Ever have swelling hands or feet during the summer? Eating pineapple can also prevent or reduce inflammation in joints and muscles.

Pineapples are eaten fresh, cooked, juiced, and preserved so there are plenty of ways to add them into your diet. Their fruiting season is from March to July, so they are easy to get ahold of in the summer.


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The list of benefits from tomatoes is seemingly endless, and they are definitely something to add to your summer diet.

They are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin A, C, B2, folate, chromium, seriously the list goes on. Tomatoes are also high in lycopene, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease. The vitamin A in tomatoes is known to help vision, specifically, it helps the retina work correctly, and for low-light and color vision.

Not sure if you like the taste? Don’t stress, tomatoes can be added in many different ways such as sauces, salads, juices, soups, and more. There are also hundreds of varieties of tomatoes, and they come in an array of colors.


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The first thing to know about eggplant is…keep the skin on.

The skin of eggplant is loaded with nasunin, which is a strong antioxidant. Nasunin can help protect cell membranes from damage, and impede the spread of cancer.

Eggplant also has tons of iron, calcium, and fiber to help with digestion and to decrease your chances of developing osteoporosis.

Eggplants taste great on the grill, so next time you are having a summer barbecue, be sure to throw on some eggplant.


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Struggling to quench your thirst in the summer? Watermelon is mostly 92% water so it can be a refreshing, and hydrating choice to help beat the heat.

Watermelons are also soaked with beneficial nutrients such as vitamins A, B6, and C, as well as lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. Antioxidants can help prevent cancer, where as amino acids are a basic building block for protein.

Another great thing about watermelon? There are only 80 calories in a 10 oz serving.

Meal preparation in the summer doesn’t have to be impossible or time consuming.

If you noticed, all the foods mentioned require little to no preparation to enjoy. Fruits and vegetables are important to have in your diet year round, not just in the summer time. Everybody is unique, so be sure to listen to yours, and give it what it needs.