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St. Louis Group Personal Training for Adults

If you are looking for a personalized workout and individual attention, without paying the price of one-on-one training, then group personal training might be perfect for you.

This is not like body pump or a boot camp class.

They are different because of that operative word, personal. Group personal trainers do one thing differently from exercise instructors – they coach.

The benefits of personal training for groups

In a group personal training setting clients are often doing different things at they’re own individualized level of fitness.

You will also benefit from lowered costs for our single-person personal training sessions.

With Against the Grain’s group personal training classes you will benefit from motivation, accountability, and sense of community.

Group personal training in St. Louis

Our group personal training is a custom workout designed specifically for each individual client.

You do not have to have a group to sign up. 

If you think group training is the best option for you, we can add you to one of our available time slots.

To get started contact Against the Grain fitness for a free consultation and assessment.

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