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Holistic Health Coaching for Adults in St. Louis

Under the mentoring of an experienced Health Coach, expect mindset and behavioral changes that generate sustainable healthy lifestyles.

Achieve a future of better health and well being, changing your mind one millimeter a day while learning to coach yourself.

Holistic health and fitness approach

We, here at Against the Grain, help you obtain any health, wellness, fitness, or nutritional goal you may have.

Often times, our clients come to us in the hopes of losing weight in order to achieve physical goals or a mental mindset.

While weight-loss is a service, we target for every client, we also help you accomplish a healthier lifestyle, in turn creating a happier life.

When you feel healthy, you will be in a sense of elation unlike any other. When your mind knows you are taking care of your body you will be able to attain both physical and mental happiness.

Holistic health coaching services

Our health coaching services are created specifically for every client. Once we assess your lifestyle, we are able to determine which health and wellness services are necessary for you.

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