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St. Louis Client Testimonials

I am in my early 60’s and as a practicing OB/GYN physician I have spent my adult life preaching diet and exercise to thousands of women of all ages. I have realized for the last few years that I have not done a very good job of practicing what I preach. Long, strange hours provided a good excuse to avoid regular workouts. Hospital food, while readily available and easy, was seldom healthy. While I never fought my weight my family cardiac history was bad and 2 years ago I ended up with a stent in my right coronary. That certainly provided a wake up call to seriously pay more attention to my diet and exercise and I started looking for solutions. We had moved to the city and my wife had discovered the local Health Coaching. She came home to tell me about her new trainer. A gentleman named Javier. She said he truly understood exercise and not just diet but lifestyle choices. He could individualize a program for me if I would give it a chance. I did and 4 months later I am making amazing progress. I currently meet with Javier twice a week on a regular basis. We don’t just exercise. We discuss diet, cooking, food choices, use of supplements and what is important to me as an individual as I fight this aging process. I will never be a body builder but I intend to be upright and moving and living a fun, active lifestyle for as long as I possibly can. Perhaps I could have read a book, bought a series of videos or taken an on line course and achieved these changes but I don’t think so and I certainly never did. I did this because my wife introduced me to Javier and I am making changes that will last a lifetime. I am thankful beyond words and couldn’t recommend Javier any higher. I feel great, thanks to Javier.


As a petite, 50+ woman, my goals are to maintain a healthy weight, improve my strength and flexibility, and increase my overall energy level. My list of Health Coaching memberships, aerobic classes, and fad diets is far too long to mention here, so when I started training with Javier in March 2015, I expected yet another weight-lifting regimen that I would repeat and repeat until I got tired of it and quit. What I experienced, however, was such a pleasant surprise! Each workout session with Javier is unique and customized for me. No two sessions are the same, which keeps it interesting and just challenging enough. The effort and enthusiasm he puts into our sessions is what keeps me coming back. There is much more emphasis on my diet, too, which is something that other Health Coachings never addressed. I would recommend Javier if you’re serious about making healthy changes in your life. It’s his passion.


I’ve been working with Javier for 3 months. I hired him to help rebuild after an injury that left me weak and imbalanced. I appreciate his whole life approach to fitness, nutrition, lifestyle. My training is specific to me, not copied from the latest fad magazine. We discuss the science of fitness methods. And with him I’ve made the mental shift needed to think of myself as an athlete who does Health Coaching work, not something most endurance athletes spend time on! If you are ready for change, contact him and see what mental shift you can accomplish too.


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